Monday, May 21, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 9:00am Soft Vinyasa

Friday was a big day for me. We had a meeting in the morning with a super smart wide open yogi who is making a lot of stuff happen. I had been nervous about the meeting cuz I could not really nail down what I wanted from him so I felt a little weird with not having an agenda. Yet that same openness allowed me to really just meet him which was very cool.

After the meeting we went to the Bodhi Tree where I picked up a copy of Sri Aurobindo's "Synthesis of Yoga." And then I got to practice and have dinner with my teacher.

Jackie and I rode our bikes class so by the time I arrived at the Studio, I was charged.

21 Peeps
6 New People (2 yoga teachers)

Factors/Constraints: I am open to dropping the idea that I cannot sing, and I had received the hit to sing Bob Marley instead of a Mantra. When there were 6 new people, I hesitated for a beat, but went ahead with it anyway. I have been bringing upward facing dog back into the sequence and playing towards visvamitrasana lately, so those 2 threads are playing out too.


A couple rounds of "Three Little Birds"
(This set up the talking points for 'Changing the Tune in Your Head')

1/2 Dog

Opening Vinaysa
Twisting Lunge
Low Lunge
Crescent Moon
Hamstring Stretch

Sphinx (lots of emphasis on legs in set up)
Rocket Cat

In Second Round,
Offer Side Plank
and Locust to Cobra instead of Sphinx

Vinyasa 2
Twisting Lunge
Virabhadrasana 1 (lots of emphasis on getting the legs strong)
Virabhadrasana 2 (moving in and out of it to get legs happening)
Peaceful Triangle (Reverse Triangle)
Parsva Trikonasana

Release to hands on inside of Right Foot
(I gave the option of staying with the back foot at the 45 degree angle to see if we might to visvamitrasana, no one bit, so i dropped the idea)

Release to Pyramid Variation

Several Rounds of Chataranga (with knee on floor option)
Locust to Cobra
Rocket Cat

Repeat on Other Side
But offer upward facing Dog
(I demoed it, emphasizing the Legs and forward motion)

Vinyasa 3
Twisting Lunge
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Peaceful Triangle
Open the heart Triangle with arm around inside of left Leg
Wrapped or Bound Parsvakonasana
Release into Pigeon
Pigeon to Revolving Head to Knee Pose
(move back through the footprint of pigeon)

Plank, Chataranga, Updog

Repeat other side
Rest in Childs

(The Talking Points had gone well. I essentially referred to this Blog, but new stuff came through which was cool. However, I had really pushed the time, so there was no 'peak pose', only the preparations. )

One One Side:
Half Lord of the Fishes
Cow Face
(Table Top in between Sides, Purvotanasana after second round)

Constructive Rest Pose