Thursday, July 19, 2007

Help of Ojai Class 1, Wednesday 1:30pm

I am offering a 6 week course at Help of Ojai for the Seniors of our community. This spring, I had the good fortune of assisting under Tucker Adams during her 6 week course and now I get the chance to teach one.

Alana is assisting me. Her presence is critical to the success of the class as it is big and multi layered.

Start Supine with Knees bent and resting into each other and feet wide.
Hands on Belly.
Brought attention to breath and attempted to share 3 part breathing.

(This was not so successful. Many of the women are frozen in their breath and you can see that the belly barely moves at all. I am excited to learn how to teach this).

Knees to Chest, rock gently side to side.
One knee into chest, other foot on floor with knee bent. Allow knee to move away and come towards you with breath coordination.
Hip rotation awareness
Reverse Pigeon (aka Eye of the Needle)
Rest with legs extended

Repeat other side

Supine Hamstring Stretch with Straps
Towards Face, Out to Side, and Abdominal

Repeat other side

Roll up to sitting

Baddha Konasana Tailbone Awareness

Come to Standing
(This is so hard in this group. Getting up and down off the floor is a major deal. I did not instruct how to get up, just watched to learn).

Easy Side Stretch
Hands Clasped Behind back (too hard without strap)
Forward Fold

Easy Side Stretch (with a little more extension)
Eagle arm shoulder stretch (too hard)
Forward Fold

Breath Awareness
1/4 Sun Salutations

Forward Fold
Squat (offered this to see what we were working with)

Back to Floor
Easy Spinal Twist

An hour flies by with this group. But I feel like I was able to introduce the concepts that I am going to be building off of. The hip rotation, the tailbone and the breath. Alana suggested that we take more time to make sure every one's mat and situation is organized cuz otherwise it looks and feels like chaos. So sweet to have help. While class was simple, feels like it could be one or two shades simpler.

Sweet Vinyasa, Wednesday 8:30am

Just back from swimming with the Dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas. Feeling blown open and deeply in love.

12 peeps
Beautiful Summer Morning with a cool breeze
Pre leaving my practice has started to undulate and morph in the shapes.
I got even more watery on the trip.

3 Rounds of Om

Cross Legged Forward Fold with Sacrum Work at midpoint
(Hands in front, rounding and arching the back)

Cat/Dog with Rolling and Asymmetry emphasized
Half Dog
Rocket Cat
Low Cobra with Rounding Back Play
(Keeping low, we exhale and fill back up, drawing navel back to spine then slowly roll back into low cobra)

Rocket Cat

Sequence 1
Low Lunge with emphasis on rolling side to side to find all the spots in the front thigh
Swamp Monster Action towards Crescent Moon
Hamstring Stretch with Rounding and Arching towards the shape
Twisting Lunge

Vinyasa 1
Low Cobra with Rounding Work
Rocket Cat

Repeat Sequence 1 Other Side

Vinyasa 2
Roll into Cobra
Wiggle and Land
Reclining Buddha with thigh stretch on both sides.
Rocket Cat to Camel Preparation (On knees, hovering in the balance between drawing tailbone down and lifting heart up to sky)

Sequence 2
Swamp Monster Action towards Warrior 1, watery and fluid
Warrior 3 with hands at heart
Standing Splits
Pigeon with Thigh Stretch and without

Vinyasa 3
Revolved Dog
Roll into Upward Facing Dog

Repeat Sequence 2
Repeat Vinyasa 3

Roll into Cobra and land on belly
Half Frog
Rocket Cat to Camel Preparation

Rolling into Camel 2 x
Childs Pose

Half Lord of the Fishes
Cow Face with Spinal Rolling

Uppavista Konasana

Lying Spinal Twist