Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lulu Bandha's Yoga Class Sequences

The teachers of Lulu Bandha's are posting our classes here:

Hope to see!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Posting Across Town

I have been posting the latest sequences across town at Lulu Bandha's. 

Right now they are connected to videos, some of which are free, some of which can be purchased and some of which are available through subscription.  The classes can be accessed here.

But all the sequences can be read.

I am not totally satisfied with their accessibility right now and am working on making them stand alone, so one does not have to click through videos to find them.

I have gone from obsessing abut the psoas, to the connection of the Manipura and the Anahata to the softening the heads of the femurs to languaging with the internal organs.

The latest inspiration is from the Taoist Yoga practice.  "The gentleness of the kidneys supports the kindness of the liver, supports the honor and respect of the heart, supports the honesty and sincerity of the spleen, supports the Justice of the lungs."

I am not sure what that means, but it draws me in to find out.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuning to the Teacher Within Workshop at Smiling Dog Yoga, Day 3

This morning I again slept in.

Woke up around 8am or so, wrote out my dreams.

Steve and Lisa had picked up croissants!
Steve made me a latte and I made some eggs.

I wrote out 3 possible plans for the class.
I was not sure what we were going to do and I felt like writing out ideas would help me connect to the shiniest one.

I spent the rest of the morning at the beach on the pier.
Unscheduled time is such a sweet gift.

We gathered at 2.

1. Nervous System Discussion
I shared the relationship of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems and how yoga works.

We tied it into Sutra 1.2, Sutra 1.33 and Sutra 1.34.
Great sharing and questions.

2. Practice
In the interest of helping people start to work together more and practice feeling and touching and talking, we worked in pairs.

Impressing the Heart Solo
Impressing the Heart with Partners, 2 different ways

Supine Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose with Partners

Here we were able to connect the nervous system discussion with a way of teaching postures by "Feeling".
"Recal the feeling of the brick behind the heart...recall the feeling of your partner's thumb in your hip..." to access the pose.
J was willing to be the demo model for Warrior 1 and Twisting Triangle.

This seemed to be the main "a ha" moment of the weekend.
That we can access the alignment of a posture through memory of feelings rather than external instructions.
This ties into the practice of remembering what it feels like to be relaxed and choosing it consciously.

Alternate Nostril Hip Rotation with Partners

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuning to the Teacher Within, Day 2

Day 2 of SLO

I had such a sweet day.
I woke up to home made blueberry muffins.
And Steve made me a latte.

Lisa scheduled me an 11 o'clock massage with Randy.

Brett of the Smiling Dog Cafe made me a burrito.


So starting class at 2:00 felt like the easiest thing ever.

We circled to begin.
1. Response to "Effort Effect" Article which was assigned as homework.
Lots of connections and good questions about feeling like we are both at times.
Good point made by P that some respond to the reverse of being told that they will never make it.

2. My response to last night
I suggested that the main question of the group is:
How do I connect more deeply?

Some discussion on this.

3. I introduced the Right and Left Brain Topic of discussion.

I assigned the Jill Taylor video for homework:

And weaved it towards the job of a yoga teacher.
Talking about all the balance of Left and Right that goes on in teaching and in practice.

Then there were some questions:
- Do I bring up politics in class?

S's sharing of feeling connected to the teaching and wanting to share them, guided us to talking about Recording and Sharing our Teachings.
This stirred up some resistances and fears.
So that was cool.
I am grateful cuz I will present it softer next time.

4. Assigned Teaching to Learn Homework.
Thought about assigning Lineage Homework, but felt like too much.

We talked for about an hour.

So, we began practice around 3.
Focusing on the Elements and moving towards Handstand.

Sukhasana, Foreword Fold and Side Bending

Transition to Uttanasana
Roll up to Standing

Schiffmann Style Hokey Pokey
Full Body Shaking

Heart Prana Pounding
Heart Hand Prana Extension

Tadasana with Grounding

Sun to
Sequence 1


Sun to Sequence 2
Twisting Lunge

All Fours
Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Childs Pose


Repeat Sequence 2 Other Side


Utthita Tadasana
Sun to Sequence 3
Crescent Moon
3 Legged Dog

Repeat Sequence 3 Other Side

Vinyasa 1
Baby Cobra
Windshield Wiper
Rocket Cat



Sun to Sequence 4
Warrior 2 Dance
Warrior 2
3 Legged Dog


Repeat Sequence 4 Other Side

Side Plank Both Sides


Vinyasa 2
baby Cobra
Locust with Bind
Windshield Wiper
Rocket Cat


Roll up to Standing

Transition to Walls
Half Handstand Play

Half Handstand Play with Partners

Handstand Play
Practice Assisting

Rest (internal HAM)

Knees to Chest
Easy Spinal Twist Both Side


Sit Together.

Then we ate together.  Brett made us a fantastic meal of Acorn Squash Soup, Quinoa Salad and Raw Strawberry Crumble.
Sharing a meal together allowed for more sharing and connection.
3 hours x 3 times is so short.
I am so grateful to Lisa and Brett for allowing us more time together.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuning to the Teacher Within, Day 1

Drove up from Ojai to SLO today to teach at my good friend Lisa's place, Smiling Dog Yoga.
This is the workshop flyer.

Tonight we gathered from 6:00 to 8:30.

13 Peeps

We met with a yin yoga practice.
Difficult to come across the right talking points when you are also landing.
I found myself more quiet and less moved to share than usual.
Always fun to notice the new.

Butterfly, 5 minutes

Swan, 5 Minutes
Rest, 2 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Sphinx or Seal, 4 minutes
Childs Pose

Lunge, 4 minutes
Childs Pose
Repeat Other Side

Reverse Prayer Shoulder Opener, 3 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Eagle Spinal Twist, 5 minutes
Rest, 3 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Nostril Breath Awareness


Gathered in a Circle and Shared.
The Suggestion was to share your name, what and where you are teaching, who you are teaching
Questions, Struggles

The Main Questions Expressions were:
1. How do I teach more than just asana
2. How do I teach what I am also just learning
3. Where is my practice going next? and How do I take it there?
4. How do I feel ready to teach?
5. I want more consistency in my practice
6. How do I allow myself the space to heal?
7. How do I create a space for healing for others?
8. How do I find inner stillness?
9. How do I introduce people interested in fitness to mantra and mediation?
10. How do I teach myself?
11. How do we connect?
12. How do I become intimate and non attached.
13. How do I integrate teaching and practice?

I am not sure I see the main theme yet.
I think it is around touching ourselves, connecting and opening.

So tonight as I head to bed, my question is How do I facilitate the space tomorrow to allow these questions to be

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Help of Ojai Yoga Class, Thursday 11am

This has become one of my most favorite classes.
In many ways it is "cutting edge" for me in the way I teach and share.

This class video will be posted here soon:

I spoke of Sutra 1.1 and made an effort to hold the space to teach the Sanskrit.  WE also played with Sutra 1.2.  Talk was mostly on how what we are doing is preparation to assist in the miracle of Yoga.

Supine, knees bent
Attention to the Sacral Chakra
Gentle Belly Breath and Awareness of the Water Element

Windshield Wipers

Tailbone Awareness
Eye of the Needle with Tail Awarness

Transition to Sitting

Sutra 1.1 Discussion

Sukhasana with Side, BAck and Foreward Bending

Transition to Standing
Easy Uttanasana

Schiffmann Hokey Pokey
Full Body Shaking
Heart Prana Pounding
Heart to Hand Extenstion

Tadasana with Chakra Element Play

3 Rounds of Lunge Salutes with 2 Crescent Moons

Childs Pose

Plank to Dog
Childs Pose

Easy SIde PLank Both Sides
Childs Pose

Plank to Side PLank Both Sides
DOg Pose

Rest on Belly, Windhseild WIper

Reverse PRayer SHoulder Opener, 3 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Knees to Chest
Easy Spinal Twist of Choice


3 Privates in 2 Days

My privates were so different this week.

Couple 1
We sequenced towards creating the necessary tensions for Extended Side Angle Pose.

60 year old Woman
We focused on strengthening the breathing mechanisms.

45 year old Woman
We foucsed on softening the neck while increasing mindfulness and awareness in micromovements.