Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday, March 28th Green Yin Yoga 6:45pm

All proceeds from this class go back to our local environmental groups.
It is donation and always has a groovy easy feeling.

5 peeps
Dave, Diane. Jeff, David, Lisa
Known Constraints: One of the studnets is not sleeping. Decided to focus on exhalation hoping to help her.

Theme: Emphasis on bringing your awareness to the feeling of the exhale, maybe even allowing for a pause at the end of it in the postures.

Baddha Konasana/Butterfly, 6 minutes (supine in between sides)
Cow Face/Gomukhasana, 5 minutes (supine in between sides)
1/2 saddle with forward fold, 5 minutes (no rest in between sides)
Pigeon/Swan with back arch and back thigh stretch, 2 minutes
Pigeon/Swan forward hip opener, 5 minutes (2 minutes free movement between sides)
Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes
Childs, 1 minutes
Free movement for 2 minutes
Lying Spinal Twist, 3 minutes

lying supine
began with a 4:0:6:0
encouraged to allow count to shrink or expand as necessary
encouraged to start to notice the end of exhale
instructed to add 2 count retention of exhale
after about 4 rounds, encouraged to increase retention to 4 count
after about 4 rounds, encouraged to increase retention to 6 count
(always bringing the awareness to the appropriateness of it. watching the strain in the head, neck, eyes, etc.)
eventually instructed to bring the count back to the 4:0:6:0 and then release into Savasana


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