Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yoga Basics, Monday @ 5:15pm

12 Peeps.
Strong Group.
Felt like we might work towards Upward Facing Bow Pose, but as we got closer to that point, felt like too much, so went towards Bow Pose instead. But allowed the focus to be on identifying the compression point in the spine and learning how to change it and or relax around it.
Spoke a little about learning how to feel and trust what you know.

(I have been guided to practice leading longer and longer sits at the beginning of class. My resistance to do this has been around the knowing that it is hard for people...and it makes it harder to arrive late like peeps do in Ojai...but like anything, you have to start practicing if you want it to be easier...)

Slow deliberate cross-legged seated Spinal Twist
Forward Fold over crossed legs
Backbend Press

(Switch Legs and Repeat other side)

Transition All Fours
1/2 Dog
Rounded Back
Rocket Cat

Walk hands back to feet
Standing Forward Fold
(It seems that it is easier for peeps to walk hands back to feet than bring feet towards hands...)

Roll up to standing

Shoulder Opening with Strap
3 Rounds of Arms Rotating up and over the top of the head
2 Rounds of Bringing Arms over head (holding strap) into Standing Forward Fold

Cactus Arm Action into
Half Sun Salutations

2 rounds of Half Lunge Salutes
(First round, step back into a low lunge and relax into the opening. Stepping back forward and repeating other side. Second set we played with Crescent Moon and Cactus Arms, stepping back forward. After second side of second set, we found child's pose).

Transition All Fours
Downward Facing Dog
Low Baby Cobra
Rocket Cat

Set Square Bolster up across the mat.
Lie down over it with Hip Bones at back of Bolster.

Sphinx on Bolster
Low Cobra on Bolster

Childs Pose

(I demoed moving into Bow Pose on Bolster)

Bow Bose on Bolster 2x

Childs Pose on Bolster

Roll up and Transition onto Backs

Knees to Chest

Eye of the Needle (aka Reverse Pigeon)
Supine Hand to Big Toe with Strap Sequence
(Repeat Other side)

Easy Spinal Twist



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