Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuning to the Teacher Within, Day 1

Drove up from Ojai to SLO today to teach at my good friend Lisa's place, Smiling Dog Yoga.
This is the workshop flyer.

Tonight we gathered from 6:00 to 8:30.

13 Peeps

We met with a yin yoga practice.
Difficult to come across the right talking points when you are also landing.
I found myself more quiet and less moved to share than usual.
Always fun to notice the new.

Butterfly, 5 minutes

Swan, 5 Minutes
Rest, 2 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Sphinx or Seal, 4 minutes
Childs Pose

Lunge, 4 minutes
Childs Pose
Repeat Other Side

Reverse Prayer Shoulder Opener, 3 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Eagle Spinal Twist, 5 minutes
Rest, 3 minutes
Repeat Other Side

Nostril Breath Awareness


Gathered in a Circle and Shared.
The Suggestion was to share your name, what and where you are teaching, who you are teaching
Questions, Struggles

The Main Questions Expressions were:
1. How do I teach more than just asana
2. How do I teach what I am also just learning
3. Where is my practice going next? and How do I take it there?
4. How do I feel ready to teach?
5. I want more consistency in my practice
6. How do I allow myself the space to heal?
7. How do I create a space for healing for others?
8. How do I find inner stillness?
9. How do I introduce people interested in fitness to mantra and mediation?
10. How do I teach myself?
11. How do we connect?
12. How do I become intimate and non attached.
13. How do I integrate teaching and practice?

I am not sure I see the main theme yet.
I think it is around touching ourselves, connecting and opening.

So tonight as I head to bed, my question is How do I facilitate the space tomorrow to allow these questions to be

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