Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Help of Ojai, Wednesday 1:30

Today I assisted Tucker at Help of Ojai. The ladies in the class have progressed so much that the class is too hard for new people. Martha is loosing her ability to balance and fell and Coda, a new lady, did the whole class from the chair. I am being drawn to work with this older population and today was the kind of day the universe sends you as a "Are you Sure?"

Tucker's sequence was:

Supine Extended Tadasana
Hip and Hamstring Stretching

Transition to Standing
Sun Salutations
Balance Work
Tucker did a lot of moving balance work today. Both forward and back and side to side. This was super cool cuz it mimicked the a more realistic situation than a static balance posture.
Seated Spinal Twist in Chair
Hip Opener in Chair


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