Sunday, April 1, 2007

Saturday, March 31, Stiff White Guys 10:45am

12 Peeps

This class is usually packed with injuries and new people, so I was able to take advantage of the intimate familiar group and offer a few new ideas. One of the students had been bitten by a DOg, so we agreed to do downdog. This surprisingly led us to work on headstand preparation.

Starting on the backs
1) Hip Rotation Awareness.
2) Eye of the Needle to Half Happy Baby. Repeat other side.
3) Supta Padangustasana with Straps.

Roll to Sitting

4) Squat
5) Utanasana
6) Tadasana

7) Side Waist Stretch with Fingers interlaced and Palms Facing Up
8) Forward Fold with Fingers interlaced behind back
9) Half Chair to Utkatasana
10) Tadasana

Repeat with emphasis on working the underside of the stretch.

11) Breath Awareness with Tailbone movement
12) 1/4 Suns
13) Half Suns

14) Splat at Wall
15) Half Wall Dog
16) Wall Lunge
17) Splat
18) Half Wall Lunge with Leg Lift
19) Utanasana

20) Down Dog with Hands at wall (2x) (Childs Pose in between)
21) Down Dog without wall
22) Sphinx

23) Seated Shoulder Awareness Exercise
Lift right elbow to be in line with right shoulder, creating a 90 degree angle. Roll shoulder back and down. Use left hand to press into right forearm and press right forearm into left elbow creating awareness of the strength under the shoulder blade. Repeat other side. Finish by holding both arms in front of you and working like you are trying to squeeze the elbows together but resist and don't.

24) Dolphin
25) Sirsasana (headstand) Preparation

26) Sirsasana Preparation with 3 blocks at the Wall
Played with lifting legs. Some people went up!

27) Childs Pose
28) Bridge Pose 2x
29) Spinal Twist
30) Savasana
31) Sit an OM

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