Sunday, April 1, 2007

Saturday, March 31, Soft Vinyasa 9:00am

Everyone shows up in a good mood on Saturday and everybody seems to know each other so there is a instant friendly connection in the studio. This makes it super easy to teach cuz all I have to do is reflect back what is already happening.

20 peeps
Mixed Levels

I am still on the tailbone kick. And I am trying to work out a discussion on Competition and unraveling our stories about survival. For more detailed instructions, see earlier posts.

1) Establishing Tailbone awareness and movement
a) Baddha Konasana with Tailbone Movement Awareness
Forward Fold and Backwards Arch
b) Squat
c) Uttanasana

2) Opening Side Waist and shoulders and continuing tailbone awareness
a) Side Stretch with Fingers interlaced overhead
b) Forward Fold with Fingers interlaced behind back
c) Half Arm
d) Half Chair to Utkatasana
e) Tadasana

Repeat. During second round, emphasize the underside of the the side stretch. Use different grip and after half arch, move into Vinyasa 1.

3. Vinyasa 1
Step back for
a) Lunge with Tailbone Awareness
b) Twisting Lunge
c) Low Lunge with Tailbone Awareness and 1/2 cow face stretch
d) Pyramid Variation
e) Dog (TA)
f) Plank (TA)
g) Sphinx to get traction sensation, Locust with hands under shoulders to Cobra
h) Rocket Cat
i) Dog
j) One legged Dog (TA)
k) Lunge
l) Standing Split Rolling to Standing Splits
m) Squat
n) Forward Fold
o)Half Chair
p) Utkatasana
q) Tadasana

Enter second side with forward fold and hands interlaced behind back, releasing into a half arch and then stepping back. Repeat, but roll into Cobra second time. Yesterday we rolled into Updog after cobra.

In between Vinyasa Sequences: Eagle Arm Stretch and Eagle Pose (Garundasana)
2) Vinyasa 2
a) Forward Fold with hands clasped behind back
b) Half Arch
c) Forward fold
d) Twisting Lunge with arm extending into Center of Room instead of Overhead
e) Warrior 1
f) Parsvottanasana
g) Warrior 3
h) Standing Splits
i) Pigeon with back thigh Stretch (modified eka pada raja kapotanasana)
j) Pigeon
k) One legged Dog to Revolved Dog
l) Roll into Upward Facing Dog and back to Down Dog
m) Jump to Hands
n) Forward Fold
o) Half Chair
p) Utkatasana
q) Tadasana

Repeat, but after rolling into upward Facing Dog and Downward Facing Dog, lower onto Belly

3) Main Event
a) Dhanurasana 2 x
b) Rocket Cat to Childs
c) Rocket Cat to Ustrasana (3x)
Some peeps found kapotanasana

4) Counter Sequences
a) Childs
b) On backs
On one side
c) Eye of the needle/reverse pigeon
d) Half Happy Baby
e) Abdominal curls with Leg Straight towards sky and other leg reaching into center of room
f) Knees to Chest

Repeat other side
Eagle Lying Spinal Twist


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