Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, Practice 5pm

At Erich's with Eric and Casey

Hung upside down on Inversion Contraption Erich has
While hanging, stretched shoulders with hands clasped behind back, cow face, and down dog shoulder opener. Twisted this way and that. And abdominals. For like 20 minutes. So yummy.

A few rounds of Rocket Cat to Ustrasana.

Pasarita Padotanasa with different hand and arm positions.
Hands forward, hands to the side, fingers turned back with wrists forward, forearms, etc.
Squat with arm and mudra play.
Allowed Mudras to pull the lines of energy through.

Pasarita Padotanasa with Inverted Arm Positions and Mudras

Wide Legged Mayurasana

Uppavista Konasana Twisting Variations


(Started to be lead more and more to investigate the compressed area in the right side of my sacrum)

Reverse Pigeon
Supta Padangusthasana Variations with Abdominals and Twists
Standing Splits
Pyramid Stretch
into unfamiliar arm balances with new wrist and hand positions

Pidgeon with Twisting
Fallen Warrior Play into new arm balances

Realized that, with my sacrum, I have been asking "who can help me." Instead of noticing how I can help myself. And that led to new postures and positions that started to reveal new spots.

Hug knees into chest
Happy Baby and Supine Baddha Konasana Play
Rolling into Bridge and sliding Forward towards Saddle, but up on toes and really working the inner lines of the leg.
Super fun play here rolling from plow into bridge and then up into Navasana and back into abdominals. A variation on the classic Iyengar rolling back and forth sequence.

Parivritta Paschimotanasa Play with resistance and Mudra and slow deep accessing of the muscles around the spinal column. Rounding and arching.

Lay on the Korean Massage Bed for savasana.

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