Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Saturday 10:45am

8 Peeps
2 Drop Ins

Sweet group.  We focused on relaxing the zones of the parasympathetic nervous system.  

Impressing the Heart
Windshield Wiper
Rocking the Pelvis
The Shimmy
Knees to Chest

Transition to Vajrasana on 2 bricks
Shoulder Rotation Play
50s Bust Exercise

Hitchhiking Dolphin x 3
(demoed on a student today.  super effective)

Plank and Downdog Play x 2

Roll up to Standing

Grounding Tadasana Action with Brick


3 Rounds Simple Lunge Salutes
Childs Pose

3 Locusts

Roll onto Backs

Hamstring Stretching at the Wall with Strap


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