Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lulu Bandha's Summer Yoga Camp Day 2

June 8, 2007
12:00 to 4:30pm

1. Centering
a. Legs up Wall with Bolster and Block Set Up
b. Sit at Wall with Block Behind Heart

2. Discussion
a. Joel Kramer's 3 Fundamentals of Asana Practice
(Ujayyi Breath, Breathing into an Edge and Lines of Energy)
Assigned the Article as Homework

b. Three Types of Beginners

3. Stiff White Guy Practice with Commentary and Explanation

- Hip Rotation Understanding Pattern with Eye of the Needle
- Supta Padangusthasana
- Cross legged Tailbone Awareness with Forward Fold and Chest Press
- Squat
- Uttanasana
- Side Waist Stretch and Shoulder Opener with Strap
- Breath Awareness
- 1/4 Suns and 1/2 Suns
(Taking the time to talk about the back and the idea of bending the knees)
- Wall Dog Pattern (Splat, Wall Dog, Wall Lunges, Wall Dog with Leg Lift)
- Modified Parsvottanasana to Warrior 3 Play (2x) with Uttanasana in between
- Squat
- Windshield Wipers
- Bridge (x2)
- Abdominals
- Easy Spinal Twist
- Savasana

Break from 3:00 to 3:30

Looked at anatomical pictures of the Pelvis and discussed the different parts and how to use them or not in instructions.
Presented idea of Anatomy of Breath
Used Downward Facing Dog to start to look at different bodies
Played with assisting Each Other in the Dog Pose

Only one person in the group takes my classes regularly. So I am not able to rely on the student's experience with me as teacher. This is guiding me to try to be more explicitly and clear with what I am doing and why. It will mean that we have more practice time than I am used to needing to schedule in and it will also force me to mostly share from my own heart.

I chose to do the SWG practice as a way to start to get clear on the languaging that I am using for the postures and why. I realize in explaining that one of the guiding principles for me as a teacher is to allow the student to be responsible for what is going on in themselves. To continually try to teach the skills of yoga, the awareness, the play the discernment.

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