Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lulu Bandha's Summer Yoga Camp Day 3

June 9, Saturday
12:30 to 4:30pm

I had huge ambitions today. My plan was way bigger then what actually happened, but I think it worked out. I wanted to get the Nervous System talk in so that everyone was starting to understand the importance of the Breath. I wanted peeps to start teaching half sun salutation's and I wanted to start to look at Standing Postures and possibly start to practice assisting.

1) Centering
a) Supine Hip Neutralizer Pose with awareness of Exhale
b) Supported Heart Opener on 2 Blocks
c) Sit

2) Nervous System Talk
My goal was to communicate that one of the big ideas of Yoga is to unravel these old Sympathetic Nervous System Wires and evolve as a human species. I brought in the Frans De Waal research, the Vagus Nerve, the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems, General Theory of Love and the kitchen Sink. A bit rambling, but I feel that there is a more suspecting thread in there for me to find. The point got made and I think understood.

3) Half Sun Salutations
We practiced teaching Half Sun Salutations
Molly, Robert, Alain, Alana and Gennifer

4) Standing Pose Sequence
I led them through a 2 flows of Standing Poses
Warrior 2, Reverse Triangle, Triangle (both sides and Wide Leg Forward Fold)
Warrior 2, Reverse Triangle, Triangle, and Side Angle Pose to Hip Opener to Twisting Lunge to Uttanasana to Standing

We then gathered to look at postures.
We looked at Warrior 2 first. Looking at different people in the posture and understanding the various elements and how to adjust the posture to be more appropriate for each person's body. Even got a little into practicing communicating about the feeling.

We also looked at Triangle and different ways to see it.

So that there was enough unwind time and the break would be effective, we switched gears and did Paschimotanasana assistance and Lying Spinal Twist Adjustments.



4:20 We came back together and briefly assigned the homework: To write out instructions for your least and most favorite standing asanas.


Summary: I am thrilled that the group is speaking up and sharing what is going on for them and also sharing how they do it. Robert is so awesome cuz he brings a different take on being a yoga teacher as a guy and has figured out different ways of doing things that work really well. Alain has a lot of great information and I hope he shares more. He has started to really become a coach for the other peeps. And how cool that we all copied Molly's Warrior 2 today. The main flavor of the group has not yet been revealed and so it does not yet have it's own stride but I feel like it will soon.

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