Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lulu Bandha's Summer Yoga Camp Day 4

Sunday, June 10
12:30 to 4:20pm

1. Opening
We began today with partner assisted hip opening @ wall. Uppavista Konasana and Baddha Konasana. Getting used to interacting with people's bodies, communicating and feeling.

2. Discussion
We talked about Sanskrit, the Myth of the Pose and looked at the roots of the Vinyasa Practice.

Short 20 minute Break

3. Sun Salutations
We looked at the elements of the Classic A, B, and C. The postures and how to modify and teach. I shared a Lunge Salute Salutation pattern. Assigned homework: to design a unique salutation.

4. Teaching Standing Poses
Homework last night had been to prepare to teach a pose, so chose a few peeps today to lead poses.
Cathy: Trikonasana
Molly: Ardha Chandrasana
Gennifer: Parsvotanasana
Alain: Standing Splits

5. Janu Sirsasana
Looked at pose and talked about some of the elements.
PLayed with several assits and adjustments on each other.

6. Restorative


Summary: Felt good to go straight through today without too long a break. Fun to start to hear each other's voices. Uncertain of the teaching of the classical sun salutations to explain what we are deviating from, but seemed to work today. However, feels like I am wearing someone elses shoes, cuz I am not taking the time to teach how I teach and allowing peeps to fly around a little. But the group is so supportive and loving, nothing that bad could really happen.

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