Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lulu Bandha's Summer Yoga Camp Day 6

Tuesday, June 11

1. Centering
Choice of Heart Opener
(Showed Block or Ball behind Heart, head supported)
Spinal Twist
Happy Baby

(encouraged them to instruct themselves through this)

2. Tools of Teaching
This talk was a bit spontaneous. Shared the need to have recording devices around you like notepads or digital recorders. Shared the "Spontaneity Takes Planning" and this lead in different directions but covered a lot of stuff that I feel is important

3. Asana Breakdown Homework Review
Everyone seemed pretty comfortable and at ease with the Homework and the concept.

4. Teaching Creative Sun Salutations
This might be the last time we do this. It is too much to ask of the peeps to go though each other's sun salutations. It is exhausting and gruelling. This cannot be a part of the training going forward. So useful to hear every one's voices and know what they are working on but this is what the practicum is for. Everyone was WIPED and this is why.

5. Block Play to understand elements of Backbending
The intention had been to get some elements understood so that we could go into a baby backbend practice. WE ended up looking at pictures of the spine and talking a bit about disc herniation and injuries. This killed any chance of continuing practice. So we unwound and took a break.

6. Break

7. The Sound of OM
Barbara yesterday said she did not undetstand the sound of OM. So I preparred a lecture, but we only had 15 minutes so we reviewed the MEANING, the A, U and M, and played with several techniques for playing with it.


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