Thursday, January 24, 2008

1:1 Week of January 21

Heavy woman, smoker. Called herself "a wreck" and said that she couldn't breathe. Coming to yoga because she learned that "her heart hormones were off". She was told to exercise. She hates to exercise but remembered liking yoga from when she had done it before years ago.

My hit was that she had disconnected with her body. So my intent was to allow her to feel into her body again as well as experience some of the benefits immediately. I allowed enough time in between sides to rest and connect with the feelings of openness vs. tightness. It turned out that she was naturally flexible and started to feel better almost right away. She actually had great breathing with the ability to use her primary muscles of respiration. By the end, her eyes were brighter and she was lighter.

This was one of my favorite 1:1 sessions ever. Most likely because I was relaxed and did not need her to like me. I just followed the guidance that was coming through.

Started Supine
(I worked her feet and legs a little with my new mad thai yoga massage skills).
Hip Rotation Awareness
(To dial her attention into herself and establish a common language).
Hamstring Stretching with a Strap

Transition onto all Fours

Cat/Dog with tailbone awareness
Half Dog

Transition to Standing

Spring Training Shoulder Circles
Stretching with Strap

Shoulder Opening at Wall
Splat Pose at Wall
Forward Fold with booty on Wall
Half Wall Dog
Wall Lunges
Forward Fold with booty on Wall
Half Wall Dog with Leg Lifts
(Because of her weight this was a big deal, but I knew that it would be effective in giving her confidence as well as set us up for balance work).

Heart Meridian Opening
(Tapping up the inside arm channels and down the outside)
1/4 Sun Salutes
(This was very effective. The gentle coordination of her breath and movement

Balance Play with moving towards a mild Warrior 3 and Little Tree.
(A very important part of the session).

Transition to Floor and onto Back.
Windshield Wiper

Bridge 2x
Low Back Release

Easy Spinal Twist

I did a little Thai Massage Work

Savasana with support under thighs and head.


Sally Webster said...

Thanks for that Kira. I'm a trainee techer in Scotland very interested in remedial work. Do you have any more info on your blog in previus posts about wall work? Some I recognised by wall lunges for example I'm not familiar with.

Kira Ryder said...

Hi Sally,

I will post photos of wall lunge in a post. We are about to do a teacher training in February on how to work with older students.

If you send me your address, I would be happy to send you a copy of the manual.

Congratulations on being in the teacher training!