Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wall Dog and Wall Lunge

Half Wall Dog
Step 1: Stand near wall and align hands with hips.

Step 2: Walk feet back, lining shoulders up with wrists and heals with hips. Bend the knees to allow tailbone to lift.

Step 3: Press into hands, reach back through sit bones to lengthen the back. Allow legs to straighten as hamstrings allow.

Step 4: To release, step back to wall

Wall Lunge
Step 1: Spread toes up wall so that the ball of the foot rests between the wall and the floor. If too painful, simply place foot near wall.

Step 2: Step opposite foot back and wiggle it back until appropriate distance for your thighs and groin. Play with tail bone, understanding that tucking it under increases the stretch in the thigh and lifting it up increases the compression in the low back.

Step 3: Press into the wall with fingers and lift the heart. With the tailbone tucked under, reach through back heal and slowly bend the front knee. Breathe and hold for 5 to 10 breaths.

Step 4: To Release, straighten front leg, release toes from wall and step forward. Repeat other side. Transition to Half Wall Dog and maybe Half Wall Dog One Leg Lift.

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