Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Vinyasa, Monday @ 8:30am

14 Peeps.
Usual crowd with a few surprises mixed in.
But nothing out of the ordinary, so continued the neck work.
Everyone seems to like it still and it's still fresh for me.

The talk spun off the blog I wrote this morning.

Crossed Legged or Box Forward Fold
Seated Spinal Twist
Switch Legs and Repeat Other side

Transition onto All Fours.

Half Dog
Rounded Back
Down Dog

Step Forward to Dangling Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing

Side Stretch to Right with Fingers Interlaced over head, palms up
Release into Shoulder rotation Awareness
Fingers interlaced behind back with forward Fold

Repeat to other Side with "Funny Finger" on top

Wise Guy Neck Stretching
Heart Meridian Opening
Arm Extension Prana Play

1/4 Sun Salutation Variation (5 Rounds)

Sequence 1
Sun to Twisting Lunge with Left Leg Forward
Release and walk hands to the right to find PP Stance
PP with "Dog Arms"
Awaken Leg Lines

Release up to standing
Eagle Arm Shoulder Opening
Horse with Eagle Arms
Warrior 2 Eagle Arm Dance (5 Rounds)
Warrior 2

Vinyasa 1
Release to Down Dog
Sphinx with Neck Work
Locust with arms towards toes
Rocket Cat

Step Forward to Dangling Forward Fold
Release to Standing

Neck Turning Work

Repeat Sequence 1 Other Side
Repeat Vinyasa 1 with Low Cobra and Locust with arms behind back

Sequence 2
From Dog
Low Lunge with Neck Work
Crescent Moon with Arm Extenstion and Neck Work
Pigeon with Thigh Stretch
Forward Pigeon
Release to One Legged Dog
Drop over to Revolved Dog
Transition Back to Dog

Vinaysa 2
Roll into Cobra
Release to Floor
Rocket Cat

Repeat Sequence 2
Repeat Vinyasa 2

Release to Childs Pose after Rocket Cat.

Roll up to Vajrasana
Transition to Half Lord of the Fishes Twist
Both Sides



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