Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yoga Basics, Wednesday @ 5:15pm

13 Peeps
4 New.
Request for Wall Work.
I came wanting to change it up a bit. Had dreamed something like this sequence.

Easy Cross Legged Forward Fold
Seated Spinal Twist
Switch Legs and Other side.

Dangling Forward Fold
Roll Up to standing

Sequence @ Wall
Half Wall Dog
Shoulder Opener both Sides
Half Wall Dog
Wall Lunge both Sides
Half Wall Dog with Alternate Leg Left
Dangling Forward Fold

Roll up to Standing

Warrior 3 Prep Sequence
- Pyramid Stance with Arm Extension (both sides with hip and tailbone awareness)
- Dangling forward fold and Squat
- Parsvottanasana with detailed work of getting into reverse prayer, both sides, release towards baby warrior 3 then tadasana
- Dangling forward Fold and Squat
- Pyramid Stance to Warrior 3 variation, both sides, dangling forward fold

Lunge sequence
Sun salutation to low lunge.
Step forward and repeat other side.
Release to Childs


Baby Backbends
Transition onto belly
Extension work
Locust x 2

Roll onto Backs
Knees to chest
Windsheild wiper twisting

Reverse pigeon
Easy Spinal Twist


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