Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tuning In, Workshop 4, Sunday, 1 to 4pm

Today I taught a Tuning Workshop.
Rainy Blustery Day.
7 Peeps, mixed levels of practice as well as energy.

Lately I have been trying to share how to connect with the subtle energies, particularly from the heart and up through the neck. So I followed that vein. These feelings are so clear and obvious for me. I have been teaching them for almost a month, and it still doesn't feel like it's time to move on.

I knew all the women there and so the workshop immediately took on a "girlfriend-sharing" quality.

I shared around the process of becoming whole and opening up to who you really are. Similar ideas that I write about in this blog, but more personal and connected to current events.

I wrapped up the opening discussion as we took the shape of:

Yin Baddha Konasana
- Stimulation of Foot Sen Channels
- Sacrum Rolling
- Long slow hold
- During this I offered a few talking points around nadis and connective tissue.

BK Counter Arch

Standing Forward Fold

Roll up to standing

Interlaced finger side stretch
Interlaced finger behind back forward fold

Shoulder Rotation Understanding
Wise Guy Neck Stretching

Heart Meridian Opening
Heart Pounding

Arm Extension Prana Sequence

Breath Awareness at Anahata
1/4 Sun Variation

Neck Turning twisting

Sun to
Twisting Lunge
Pasaritta Padotanasana with Arms Extended Forward like Down Dog
Leg Channel Awakening

Lift Up to Standing
Eagle Arm Wrap with Rounding and Wiggling in
Horse with Eagle Arms
(Focus on allowing the intensity to release up and out with Kali Breath and neck work)

Release into Eagle Warrior Dance
Hold Warrior 2 (same idea of relaxing into it, by allowing the intensity to come up and out)
Release back to Down Dog

Sphinx with Neck Work
Rocket Cat

Standing Forward Fold

Repeat other side, but with Cobra instead of Sphinx

From Down Dog
Low Lunge with Arm Opening and Neck Awareness
Hamstring Stretch with "Toe Torture"

Down Dog
Roll into Cobra
Rocket Cat

Repeat on other Side.

Moving towards Ustrasana slowly and with Spinal Awareness up through the neck.
1/2 Ustrasana to Ustrasana Both Sides

(This went great. Everyone really dragged it out and sensed each spot and moved like themselves).

Childs, Squat and Dangling Forward Fold in between sides and after last one.

Half Lord of the Fishes
Cow Face Pose
(Both Sides)

Uppavista konasana with Bolster


Today I guided the savasana. I rarely do that. Not sure it was a good thing cuz everyone fell asleep.

Quiet Sit with a little guidance towards the spinal awareness.

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