Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yoga Basics, Monday @ 5:15pm

10 Peeps
2 New. Equal mix of men and women.

I am in the midst of preparing the manual for the Elder Teacher Training. And the more I see that we spend over half our lives in the forward fold seated position, the more I emphasize the front line stretching. I kind of feels like I am stuck on it a bit...but oh well.

Easy Cross Legged Seat
Tail Bone and Sacrum Articulation
Forward Fold
Easy Spinal Twist

Switch Legs and Repeat Other Side

Transition onto All Fours

Cat/Dog Work
Half Dog
Rounded Back
(demo for new peeps)
All Fours

Step Forward to Dangling Forward Fold
Roll up to Standing

Preparation for Theme
Side Stretching with Strap
Shoulder Opening with Strap
Shoulder Rotation Awareness

Wise Guy Neck Work
Heart Meridian Opening
Chest Pounding
Arm Extension Prana Exercise

1/4 Sun Salutation Variation

Sun Salute to
Easy Lunge Salute 1
(Emphasis on relaxing into it, neck stretching)

In between sets, we played with the turning of the neck.
I demoed the second lunge variation which involved an opening of the arm and play with the neck.

Lunge Salute 2

Transition to Childs pose after second side.
Transition to All Fours

Lower onto Belly.

Main Point
Arm and Leg Extension Work
Sphinx with neck work
Locust x2 with neck work


Roll Up, Spinal Awareness

Roll onto back

Cool Down
Reverse Pigeon with Rounding
Easy Spinal Twist



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Sally Webster said...

Please what is edler teacher training? Thelink isn't working. Many of my students are elderly or infirm. Thanks.