Saturday, August 18, 2007

Case Study: Tension in the Neck

A young guy, 25, from the Stiff White Guy Class today has been working with tremendous tension in the neck. He has suffered lots of injuries surfing, skating, and in the car but has never been to a doctor.

He would like to pursue pottery and music but finds himself working day jobs without much meaning and that exasperate the pain he is feeling in his body.

Without knowing what he might really be dealing with injury wise, we focused on the breath. He has the upper chest breathing pattern that exasperates tension in the head and neck and anxiety.

So we focused on techniques to drop the focus down into the lower belly and strengthen and stretch the diaphragm. This is hard the first time can bring you back into your head as you try to concentrate on making it work. Working with him helped me get better at trying to communicate the techniques. Gave him some breathing homework and we will meet again next week and see how it's going.

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