Thursday, August 16, 2007

Help of Ojai, Wednesday at 1:30

Arrived not sure what we were going to do. Was guided to teach a little about the subtle energy body. This is the penultimate class in this series. Alana and I have really enjoyed working with this group and I am going to miss teaching the class.

Start Supine
Attention on Breath
Attention on Breath in the Nostrils
Alternate Nostril Breathing without use of hands

Supine Hand to Big Toe Sequence with Strap
(when bringing attention to the feeling post stretch, talked about the flow of prana)
Roll to a Side and transition to standing

Standing Forward Fold
Side Waist Stretch Sequence teaching "effort and ease" and attention to the subtle post stretch feeling.

Played with bringing attention back to the breath in the nostrils and how it changes depending on where your weight is in your feet. (This is super subtle but it allowed me to demonstrate the nadis and back up the prana discussion. Several of the ladies really liked it).

1/4 Suns
1/2 Suns

Seated Chair Work
Seated Eye of the Needle Hip Opener
Wide Legs on Chair and Rolling forward and back Up
Tailbone and Pelvis Work on Chair

Standing Postures with Chair
Side Angle Pose Prep with One Leg on Chair (both Sides)
Side Angle Pose with Leg on Chair (both Sides)

Seated Spinal Twist on Chair

Savasana with Legs on Chair


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