Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yin Yoga, Wednesday at 7:00pm

8 Peeps.

Start Supine
Alternate Nostril Breath without hands.
(Bring attention to the breath in the nostrils, focus on breathing in and out of just the right, then the left, then alternating).
We rolled up to standing and i Brought their attention to the inner and outer edges of the feet and how that changes where the breath is in the nostrils. I did this to be able to talk about the nadis and prana during class but we ended up talking about marriage, sex, money, relationships, and fuzz instead. Referencing the NYT Sunday articles, Dave Chappell and David Deida. Way more fun. Lots of laughter tonight and surprising conversations.

Swan (or Box, or Eye of the Needle)
Seated Uppavista Konasana (or with legs up the wall)
Sphinx or Seal
Saddle or Supported Heart Opener
Spinal Twist


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