Monday, August 13, 2007

Yoga Basics, Monday at 5:15pm

9 peeps
All women. Ranging from under 20 to 70.

Theme: Emphasized feeling Front and Back of Heart (compassion for others and compassion for ourselves) along with Paying attention to the qualities of the Inhale and Exhale. Spoke about the mind's need to make things dual to understand that which is really the same.

Restorative Heart Opener with Bolster
Seated Cross Legged Forward Fold and Back Arch (with Tailbone Work)

On All Fours
Cat/Dog with Rolling
Childs Pose
Half Dog
Counter Pose Round

(Look at Dog)

All Fours
Standing Forward Fold

Side Waist Stretch
(Emphasizing Balance between effort and ease)
Clasped Hand Shoulder Stretch

Breath Focus
1/4 Suns
1/2 Suns

Wall Shoulder Stretches
Wall Splat
Half Wall Dog
Wall Lunge
Half Wall Dog with Leg Lift

Cactus Arms at Wall
Forward Fold @ Wall

(In between Cactus Arms,emphasizing the play of balancing the architecture of the INHALE in the heart with the EXHALE in the tailbone)

Dancer Pose Stage 1 Against Wall
(Getting the feel for dropping the tailbone as the chest lifts as you hold ankle and balance)
Both Sides with Forward Fold at end

Dancer Pose Facing Wall
(Again, getting the feel for the play between keeping space in the low back as heart opens)
Both Sides and Forward Fold

Dancer Pose Away from Wall
(Play with balance of efforts and ease)
Both Sides and Forward Fold and Squat Pull with Partners

Transition through Squat onto Backs

Supine Hamstring Abdominal Stretch

Restorative Seated Wide Leg Stretch with Bolster
Seated Spinal Twist

Savasana with Supported Props


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