Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Help of Ojai, Wednesday at 1:30pm

My last Class at Help of Ojai for the Summer Session.
Wish I was teaching the next class.
What a sweet a wonderful group.

Start Supine
Little Toe to Head Relaxation Technique
Knees to chest
Supine Hand to Big Toe Stretch Sequence

Roll to a Side
and Come to Standing

Side Waist Stretch Both Sides
Forward Fold

Bow n' Arrow Arms Stage 1
Forward Fold
Repeat Other Side

Cactus Arms

Bow n Arrow Arms with Cactus Arms
Arms Overhead Stretch
Arms Behind Back with Strap and Forward Fold
Roll Back Up

Breath Awareness
1/4 Suns
1/2 Suns

Forward Fold
Roll onto Back

Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose Stage 1
Bridge Pose Stage 2
Bridge Pose with Strap

Knees to Chest
Happy Baby
Spinal Twist



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