Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yoga Basics, Wednesday @ 5:15pm

12 Peeps.
Arrived relaxed and excited to see what we would do. It had been a hot day and everybody seemed pooped. I thought we would focus on twisting, but Alana also came and she just had 7 ribs put back in and twisting would be the worst thing in the world for her. Also one of the ladies from my Help of Ojai Class came so I did not want it to be too hard.

This ended up being one of my best ever classes. Something clicked tonight that rarely does. I felt completely and totally relaxed. The group seemed involved but individually present. We did very little. I shared easily and opening about the practice of relaxing and unraveling the inner stress bunny. We laughed. We cried. Sometimes the magic just happens.

Legs up the Wall
Eye of the Needle @ Wall

Cross Legged Spinal Twist and Forward Fold
(Emphasizing the slow deliberate twisting of the back.)
Both Sides

On all Fours
Childs Pose
Half Dog
Rounded Back

(I demoed and we repeated from All Fours to Dog)

Walk hands back to feet.
Uttanasana with Neck Work

Roll up to standing.

Side Waist Stretch
Forward Fold

Breath Attention
1/4 Suns and 1/2 Suns

Wall Splat
Cactus Arms at Wall (2x with forward folds in between)

Standing Forward Fold
Roll Back onto Backs

Supine Hand to Big Toe Pose with Strap and using Erich's Tailbone lift to bring leg closer to face.

Windshield Wiper
Bridge 2x
Supported Bridge with Block to Supported Candlestick

Easy Spinal Twist



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