Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tuning In, Workshop 2, Sunday, 1 to 4pm

19 Peeps

core lulu peeps, regular students, and a few new to me and the studio.
the point of these "tuning" workshops is to help me share what i am really practicing. and in that sharing, hopefully helping others feel the connection to themselves. i am incredibly grateful that people show up.

i tried to share some of the unraveling i have been experiencing this summer. they came out small and bite size...somehow did not feel right to share the whole practice ended up being quieter and less personally revealing than last one.

Passive Heart Opener
(bolster or 2 blocks)
Seated Meditation (10 minutes or so)

Sequence 1
Cross Legged Forward Fold
and Slow Deliberate Seated Spinal Twist
(emphasis on playing with rudder of tailbone to balance the twist and isolating sections of the back)

Revolved Head to Knee (Both Sides)
(emphasis on opening and rounding and playing with effort and ease)
Uppavista Konasana
Backwards Arched UK

(with emphasis on turning head and relaxing around the neck compression)

Sequence 2
Cactus Arms
Release to Arms Interlocked with palms up over head and up on Toes
Release to hands Clasped Behind Forward Fold
Release Clasp Roll Back Up
(emphasis on throat opening last)

Bow n Arrow with Cactus
Release to Eagle Wrap Rounding Spine
to Hands Clasped Behind Back Forward Fold

Sequence 2
Twisting Lunge
Deep Lunge
Crescent Moon
Hamstring Stretch

Vinyasa 1
Locust with hands under shoulders
Rocket Cat

Step forward opposite foot and repeat Sequence 2 and Vinyasa 1
On second Side:
Locust with hands along Side
Locust with Clasped Behind Back
Rocket Cat
Childs Pose

Sequence 3
Step forward with opposite foot to Uttanasana

Balance Play
(emphasis on grounding and relaxing and opening)
Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose Play
to Tree Pose Variation

Roll onto Back
Supine Revolved Hand to Big Toe Pose

Roll Back Up
Revolving Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose Standing
(playing with the slow relaxed opening into a difficult posture...using the twisting actions, cactus arms and tailbone play)
to Standing 'Eye of Needle Stretch'
to Galvasana
(if easy and available for some peeps)


Sequence 4
Meet on Backs
Windshield Wiper
2 Bridges
Country Shoulder Stand (Viparitta Karni)
Karni Pidasana
Roll Out

Knees to Chest or other Chosen Release


10 minute Sit

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