Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stiff White Guys, Saturday at 10:45am

17 Peeps
Mix of new and familiar.
Again, we have all been walking around without breathing for a couple days cuz of all the smoke. So wanted to open up lungs and ribs without building too much heat cuz it is also HOT and a lot of the ladies that come to this class feel hot all the time already.

Start Supine
Knees to Chest, rocking side to side

One one side:
One Knee into Chest, other foot on floor with knee bent. Work knee towards and away chest with breath 3x and hold.
Release that leg to sky and play with hip rotation understanding.
Reverse Pigeon (aka Eye of the Needle Stretch)
Release and Rest.

Repeat Other side.

Knees to Chest.
On one side:
Knee to chest, other foot on floor with knee bent.
Wrap Strap around foot and extend leg straight for Supta Padangusthasana A, B and Abdominal.

Release and Rest..
Repeat Other Side.

Transition to side and up onto All Fours.

Half Dog
Rocket Cat
Rest Childs.

Repeat above.
From Second Dog, bring feet to the hands.
Dangling Forward Fold.
(Emphasize releasing the neck).

Roll up to standing
Shoulder Shrugs

Side Waist Stretch (Emphasizing Effort and Ease)
Forward Fold

Bow n Arrow Arms
(Play with effort and ease and releasing the neck)
Release to Utthita Tadasana with fingers interlaced, palms up
Release into Shoulder Stretch with arms behind back holding Strap
Roll Back Up

Repeat Other side.

Cactus Arms.

Cactus and Bow n Arrow Arms Combined.
Both sides with Forward Folds in between.

Bring Attention to the Breath. The effort of the inhale and the ease of the exhale.
1/4 suns and 1/2 suns

Release into forward fold.
Squat to sitting.

Cross Legged Seated Twist.
(Breaking it down slow and twisting the neck.)

Roll onto Back
Knees to Chest

Windsheild Wiper Stretch.
Bridge with arms over head
Bridge with arms underneath


Easy Spinal Twist



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