Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yoga Basics, Wednesday at 5:15pm

8 or 9 Peeps.

Super Hot Day. The fire is getting closer to Ojai and the air was thick with smoke and ash. I was surprised that anybody showed up. I knew that I did not want to increase heat with standing postures. I ended up getting into teaching specific detailed actions of twisting and then playing with a little balance work.

Legs up the Wall with Cooling Breath
Eye of the Needle at Wall

Cross Legged Forward Fold
Slow Seated Twist (emphasis on feeling each section of the back and neck)

Transition to All Fours
Half Dog
Rounded Back Counter Pose
Eye of the Needle Shoulder Stretch
Standing Forward Fold

Side Stretch to teach Effort and Ease
Clasped Hand Shoulder Stretch with Forward Fold

1/4 and 1/2 Suns

Bow and Arrow Arm Action and Twisting
(In between sides: interlace fingers and extend up, balancing on toes. Release into forward fold with hand clasped behind back).

Cactus Arm Action

Combine Bow and Arrow Arms with Cactus Arms with Efforting and Relaxing

Balance Play
Standing Forward Fold
Easy Balance Pose holding Knee
(I learned tonight that it is not easy for everyone to hold their knee, particularly if you are a bigger size.)
Standing Forward Fold

Modified Revolved Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
Bent Knee and Back Hand on Wall

Forward Fold

Seated Spinal Twist using Bow and Arrow Arms
1/2 Cow Face
Baddha Konasana

Supported Heart Opener



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