Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday 1:1. Female Athlete, 40s. Smoker.

This is our second time together.
Her breathing has "improved" immensely, with awareness and attention to drawing the breath down and wide. And she mentioned that she liked the feeling of keeping her shoulders back and down. Although she also noticed some soreness in the shoulder blades from working the new muscles.

She had played tennis all morning and said she was feeling tight and soar, so we started supine.

Hamstring Stretching with Legs @ Wall, using a strap
Legs Up Wall
Assisted Wide Leg Stretch
Assisted Baddha Konasana Press
Eye of the Needle
(Some training on how to count down with breaths so she could feel confident to do on own at home).

Transition to Sitting
Play with Strap and Block to Establish Feet Extension and Leg Lines
Tuning the Navel and Sacrum

Roll up to Standing
Tadasana with Brick and Strap and Shoulder Stretch
Roll up to Standing

Ujayyi Pranayama

Application of Alignment Ideas to Standing Poses

Sequence 1
One Round Lunge Salute

Sequence 2
Lunge Salute to
Side Angle Pose Prep
Roll up to Standing

Repeat Sequence 1 other Side

Sequence 3
Lunge Salute to
Side Angle Prep Pose
Side Triangle
Side Angle Pose
Roll up to Standing

Repeat Sequence 3 Other Side

Opening the Bottoms of the Feet with a Brick

Attention to the Breath in the Nostrils

Transition to Earth
Knees to Chest

2 Rounds of Bridge Pose

Easy Spinal Twist using a Bolster

Waterfall Pose


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