Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sciatica and Practice

Sciatica hit me today.
Its a radiating hot burning pain right under my piriformis where the sciatic nerve threads under or through, depending on how you are put together.

It hit while I was working with a client.   But I have been sitting at the computer a lot getting our Video Subscription up.  So the effect is usually accumulative and stress is  usually the number one cause of it for me.

The first time I came across it as a possibility in my body was 2000 while I was working for Danger Research.  All of a sudden my ass stung and I could not sit down.  I did not come into work and when I did, I knelt at my computer.  I went to several doctors (I had health care then) and none of them knew what it was.  They suggested I had congested hips.  So I went to a massage therapist and she did deep tissue massage over and over and I still could not sit down.

Eventually I ended up in the office of Greg Barston a wonderful chiropractor in Los Gatos, California, recommended to me by my good Friend Jane Peart.

He popped my L5S1 back in and instant relief.  It was pressing on that nerve.  But the underlying congestion was still there.  So I went to see Dr. Bruce Flagg (at the recommendation of Dr. Barston) and that was my first encounter with a magician.  He is a D.O. and he did cranial sacrum work which means he did very little but listen closely and suggest I hike in the forest more often.  I still think about him to this day.  I also made the decision to quit my job which does wonders for the body.

So, usually when the Sciatica comes back I can counter it with Alligator or Saddle Pose.  Not this time.  I did alligator, then Saddle.  Then I rolled around and cracked my sacrum with some spinal twists, windshield wiper, and navel to sacrum work.  Eventually I gave up and went into headstand.

When I came out it still hurt.  Eric suggested a hike.  (We had gone on one last night).  I paused and then knew that at least it would connect me with deeper rhythms.  Hiking is my medicine and my ankle and knee mischief have kept me from going out.

But It still hurts.  DAMN.  Tomorrow I see Marty. Hoping he can help

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Dr. Kenny said...

Yoga along with spinal decompression therapy are the main methods of treatment used in my office to relieve back and sciatica pain. They work extremely well together. Decompression therapy relieves the pressure on the nerves that are pinched and yoga elongates the spine and also strengthens the muscles that support and control the posture of the spine.