Saturday, February 6, 2010

Help of Ojai Yoga Class, Thursday 11am

12 Peeps

First class back teaching since home.  In fact, just rolled back in the morning of the class.  I forgot to blog this out till now, so a little from memory.

Supine with Attention to Imprint (inspired by Tias)
Windhesild Wiper
Eye of the Needle

Roll up to Sitting
Sukhasana Side Bending

Transition to Standing
Roll up to Standing

Opening Feet on the Brick

Attention to breath in the Nostril

Shoulder opening @ Wall


Get Chairs
Down Dog on Chairs a few times

Plank Play

(some dialougue around eyes of the elbows)

Down dog to Up Dog Play

Put Chairs Away

Transition to Earth
Knees to Chest

Restorative Spinal Twist


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