Monday, February 15, 2010

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Monday 7pm

7 Peeps

Attention to opening svadhisthana and ajna root for the parasympathetic nerves.

Supine with Awareness
baby Neck Work

Baby Tailbone Work
(took 16 minutes)

Roll up to Sitting

Butterfly, 5 minutes

Swan, 5 minutes
Sit, 1 minutes
Swan, 5 Minute
Sit, 2 minutes

Yang Locust, 1 minute
Repeat Locust, 1 minute

Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes

Childs Pose

Saddle, 5 minutes

Rest Supine, 2 minutes

Snail or Caterpillar, 3 minutes

Rest, 1 minute

Roll up to Sitting

Little Seated Spinal Twist Both Sides

Sit, 15 minutes
Optional Savasana or keep Sitting, 5 minutes

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