Thursday, March 11, 2010

Help of Ojai Yoga Class, Thursday 11am

One of my most favorite classes to show up to.
This is my forst time teaching since we lengthened the class to 90 minutes.
About 15 peeps.

Today we focused on the subtle movement of the breath in the nostrils.  This knocked everyone's socks off.  It was so potent and powerful for everyone.  I was therefore encouraged to talk more frankly about the chakras and the nadis.  The water element is great for this group cuz as we age, we are drying up.

Supine with Feet Facing Wall
Knees bent.

Attention to breath in belly.
Introduction of water element and awareness of Sacrum and Sacral Chakra.

Windshield Wipers
Tailbone Awareness

Eye of the Needle in Stages with Tailbone Movement

Apanasana with One Leg Against Wall
Both Sides

Repeat with Brick under Sacrum for Psoas Stretch
Both Sides
Remove Brick and Rest

Attention to breath in Nostrils.
Movement of Awareness in Inner and Outer Channels

Supta Utthita Tadasana with Feet on Wall

Transition to Sitting
Discuss the nostril breathing.
Mini nadi and chakra talk

Transition to Standing
Easy Forward Fold

Heart Prana Pounding

Palm Prana Extension

Earth and Water Connection

Warrior 2 Dance Both Sides
Wide Leg Forward Fold

Warrior 2 Dance to Warrior 2 and Hold
Repeat Other Side
Wide Leg Forward Fold


Transition to All Fours
Play with Earth and Water on Hands
Childs Pose

Easy Side Plank Both Side
Childs Pose

Down Dog
Childs Pose

Transition to Belly
Baby Cobra to Locust

Baby Cobra to Locust to Cobra

Roll onto Backs
Knees to Chest
2 Rounds Abdominals

Supine Resting Pose
Alternate Nostril Breathing Awareness


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