Monday, March 8, 2010

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Sunday 10am

Title: Feeling the Support of the Earth
Teaser: Playing with the elements of the chakras upright and upside down

Sequence Short:  Opening Hips, Sacrum and Shoulders towards and easy and relaxed downward facing dog.

18 or so Peeps

We open with easy attention to the hips and low back. 
We come to sitting and side bend a few times.

We come to standing and tune towards the earth and water elements in Tadasana.
With awareness on grounding, we move through a simple lunge sequence. 
We open the shoulders with bricks and play with partners to get a sense of ease. 
We connect all this towards downward facing dog. 
We finish with Bridge Pose and Easy Spinal Twisting



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