Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yin Yoga and Meditation, Monday 7pm

Yin Yoga

9 Peeps
3 Drop ins

Talk continued on the "small voice" and the tracking of subtle energies as practice listening.
Shared details of Sutra 2.3.  Suggested practicing repetition of Sanskrit inside.

Swan, 5.5 minutes
Rest, 2 min
Repeat Other Side

Uppavista Konasana or Frog, 5 minutes
Rest, 2 minutes

Sphinx or Seal, 5 minutes
Rest 2 minutes

Reverse Prayer Shoulder Opener, 3 min
Rest, 1 min
Repeat Other Side

Eagle Spinal Twist, 4 min
Rest, 2 min
Repeat Other Side

Attention to Nostril Breath

Sit, 15 minutes
Keep Sitting or Savasana, 5 minutes

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