Monday, March 22, 2010

Stiff White Guys Yoga, Saturday @ 10:45am

15 or so Peeps.

We start supine to open the pelvis and sacrum region.
We move through a sequence of lunges to open the leg channels and practice grounding.
We take this towards Tree Pose.
We talk a little about Sutra 1.2 and Sutra 1.33.

Need: 2 Bricks and access to a wall if you are new to balancing on one leg.

Impressing the Heart with Shoulder Work and Arm Extension
Windshield Wipers
Tailbone Awareness
Easy Eye of the Needle

Supta Utthita Tadasana

Transition to Sitting
Sukhasana with Side Bending

Transition to Standing
Easy Uttanasana
Roll up to Standing


3 Rounds of Lunge Salutes towards Crescent Moon

Using a Brick to Establish Standing Leg
Uttanasana at Wall

Little Tree Both Sides


Tree Pose Both Sides


Transition to Supine

Bridge Pose x 2

Knees to Chest
Easy Spinal Twist



We are building our new video portal.
The Sequence can be found here as well:

The video will be posted soon.

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