Monday, October 6, 2008

1:1 Monday

I had the best 1:1 session ever.
It it starting to become clear that just because you have said something to someone, there is no guarantee that they heard it.

In fact, it seems that only once they ask the questions, can the answer be given.  Like the question reveals the fertile soil.

And if i am in the head space of "i said that already," or "we already covered that" there can be no transmission.  The key as a teacher is to stay open present and spontaneous. When we get caught up in the notion of "progress", we are under the illusion of movement and we will lose patience.

So today L said that she was feeling disconnected in her body, not integrated.  So we focused on honing this.

We started with some gentle openings of the shoulders and legs.

Then we worked on coordinating the movement and breath with simple 1/4 Saluted.  Allowing the intention to come first, then the breath and then the movement.  Speeding the movement up to be accurate with the breath.

We moved onto a few rounds of rhythmic lunge salutes.  After each "segment" we paused and she talked about how she felt.  One of my suggestions to her is that she start to write down her practice and experience to start to become more mindful about integrating it into her life.

Then we got really geeky with triangle pose.  She said her legs felt connected to her body.

Then we opened up the connective tissue of the feet using a block to work the bottoms and sides.  This was miraculous and this was when i noticed that today's session was totally different for me.  The feet was the first thing we did almost a year ago now.  So, i assumed that we had already covered it.  But allowing it to come up again and being fresh about it was radical.

Balance Play
her new Awareness in the feet revealed a new understanding in the calves.  So we did lifts up onto balls of the feet to strengthen calfs and stretches at wall using a block.

Transition to the Floor for  Seated Forward Fold Play with a Strap.

Transition onto Backs
Windshield Wiper
Bridge x 2
Easy Spinal Twist


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