Friday, October 31, 2008

Practice with My Teacher

Every so often I get to go to LA and practice with my teacher in his home.  These are some of my favorite sessions.  Everything we talk about is super clear and the practice that erupts is always surprising.

We laughed that I still didn't really know his patterns.  Like I am deliberately not paying that close attention for fear of just mimicking.  I suggested that it was a resistance to listening, a need to stay "original".  He said that he did the same with his teacher cuz he wanted it to come through in his own words.

We talked about how something has to come up and from within to feel and sound true as well as be communicated.

We talked a lot about Jesus.  He is reading a book called, "Poem of the Man God."  It's a 5 volume set of a woman's channeled recollections of Jesus.  In her stories she talks about him going from town to town healing people in droves. 

We talked about that as we get more clear, we start to understand ourselves as "That" looking at "Itself".  

I am feeling like I am coming to God in reverse. As I have shared, at 17 I did not believe any intelligent person could believe in God. In my rejection of my mother, I rejected the divine. Slowly, the resistance is being relaxed.

Erich's three suggestions are:
1. It shouldn't hurt
2. You have options and choices
3. Be as relaxed as you can be as you do what you gotta do

I mostly sat tonight, but with deliberate attention on developing the strength of the spine.

From Sukhasana, Cactus and Swamp Monster forward and back and to the side.  Holding and breathing and slowly investigating.

Still sitting, play with arms extended over head and at slight angles.
Felt like I was strengthening the central channels for the dormant prana to rise

Lots of Toe Torture Play.
Self palpitation of hamstrings, particularly the outer hamstrings.
(Self Thai Massage is common for me in my practice and has led to the play of self healing)

 When we were talking about Jesus and his healings we were connecting to his clarity of how things are.  His ability to see the truth and not buy into the suffering allowed him to change the patterns in people?  He could "bring people back from the dead" cuz there is no such thing as death.  The way he is relayed as doing it in the book is saying, "i want it".

"Self Healing is looking at the thing and recognizing it for what it is"

Seated Wise Guy

Lots of Upavista Konasana

Eventually to counter, I turned onto my belly
Yin Sphinx/cobra

Locust to Bow Play with variations
Backwards Eye of the Needle Bow which was spontaneous and felt super good.
Childs Pose

Virasana and Saddle Play
Twisting from Butterfly Hero Pose
using different places for leverage and opportunity


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