Monday, October 27, 2008

Crib Day 3

It was the best crib ever . The most relaxed, graceful and light.  Almost feels like it didn't even happen.  So much to say about the whole event, but this is the best spot for me to talk about Erich's Sunday Class.  I feel like it was the best yoga class I have ever taken.  Ever.

Carrie recorded these quotes:

"You're sorta like a volcano. The entirety of the planet is erupting through you."

"Now, the practice we're going to do is not going to be difficult. Be on the lookout for why it's advanced. You're trusting your deepest impulses."

"In the same way you follow someones verbal instructions for a long's about listening *inwardly*, as intently as if you were following Iyengar's detailed instructions."

" will be consciously limp rather than unconsciously limp"

"First follow other people's's advanced when it starts feeling like *yours.*
A real fundamental shift happens where it feels like you're doing YOUR yoga."

"You'll find yourself inventing new poses, like the original yogis did. The poses didn't just arrive in some book."

"I was always dependent on the teacher to tell me the next new subtlety."

"You've learned to listen to THE teacher. You've learned how to learn!"

"Pay attention to the movement you're not responsible for."

"You don't have to make yourself bob."

"Let the ripple of the breath ripple through the shape of you. Then use the breath to enhance the lines in the shape."

"Shift your attention to the breathing. If that's all you did, it would keep you totally busy."

"It's always changing, yet it's always something...which means there's no death."

"The Conscious Embodiment of Comfort, being mindful of the awesome living event."

What we did:
He talked.
We sat.

- Easy Sukhasana Side Bend Sequence
- Janu Sirsasana Pattern with gentle easy twisting
- Heavy handed Dog Pattern
- Cobra Vinyasa Pattern
- Freeform to Donna Delory
(i played with bridge and viparitta karni.  wheel and leg lifts in wheel.  abdominals and upward facing eastern stretch.  fish variation with knees bent and toes tucked under.  lunge pattern: uttanasna, crescent moon with foot bound, standing splits, uttanasana.  and other side.  tadasana).
- Savasana
- Sit

I cried.   I always cry in Erich's class on the last day of the Crib.  It's total medicine.  I had wanted to go to Laura's class, but Eric wanted to go to Erich and I realized it was what I needed too.  I consider him my teacher but sometimes I wonder if I have heard a word he says

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