Monday, April 14, 2008

1:1 Monday April 14

Client arrived alert and perky and 1/3 the way through she realized that she felt tired and shaky so tone switched dramatically. She has not had a cigarette in a week and feels great.

Her quote was, "I was tired of quitting, so I quit."

Calf Torture Pose
Down Dog
Roll up to standing

Uddiyana Bandha Play
Ujjayi Breathing

1/4 Suns
Modified Lunge Salutes

The emphasis today was on relaxing before going into the posture. Using the face as the main access point. It Worked. She felt a lot easier and steady as she went into crescent moon pose.

Warrior 2 sequence
Warrior 2 Dance
Step Forward
Half Arch
Forward fold

Complete Sun to Standing

Repeat Otter Side.

Triangle Sequence
Warrior 2 Dance
Side Angle pose
Side Triangle
Side Angle Pose
Down Dog
Step Forward
Complete Sun to Standing

After this is where she noticed she was tired. We completed the other side more softly and the changed directions.

Other Side

Legs Up Wall
Wide and BK
I assisted in the Opening.

Bridge Pose with Chair
(Just a small introduction on using chair to help lift up. I am working up to her doing Upward Facing Bow pose. I have a hunch that this will change everything. The combination of heart opening and lifting herself up will be radical.)

Thai Massage
I worked her legs, heart and arms

Constructive Rest Pose, or neutral Hip Posture
This posture revealed so many holdings.


Note: Her eyes were the brightest blue and bouncy at the end of the session.

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