Thursday, April 24, 2008

1:1 Week of April 21

Wow. New client today.
Very fit male, maybe in his 40s.
In a really tough spot in his life.

In excruciating sciatic nerve pain.
Many injuries from many accidents.
Today's session was about understanding the situation and offering a few things he could start to do on his own.
It was so bad it felt appropriate to just share my biases on the relationship between the causal, astral and physical realm. He seemed open and even agreed. I wanted to make sure that it was clear that I was not going to be able to make magic happen...that the healing would be up to him.
We agreed that it is a dialogue and maybe together we can help things to open.

He told me the story as I worked his legs a little with Thai Yoga Massage. The Right Side is frozen and more than a few degrees movement towards internal or external rotation creates shooting pain.

We started with Left Leg (the good leg).
Hip Rotation Awareness 1 and 2

This was not even possible on the Right Side without intense pain, so we did not do it on that side, but rather focused on the open feeling on the left and played with the idea of "transfer."
I believe that the right side can start to get "trained" by the left side.

Hamstring Stretch on the Left.

Supine Tailbone Awareness
More pain with Dog Tilt than Cat Tuck
A "bunching up" in the hip crease and joint

Yin Sphinx (I recommended he start to do this)

More pain with dog tilt than with cat tuck
This lead me to believe that there is not herniation in the discs, but rather the pain is coming from a misalignment in pelvis from car accident.

Easy Supported Groin Opener with Props

Legs up Wall and Wide
This was going okay until he started to come out. He was gripped in terrible pain.

There seems to be equal pain if the hip rotates to far out or in.

Neutral Hip Position or Constructive Rest Pose
This was one of the best things we did.
Cuz the tightness and holding in the right side was so apparent.
After 10 minutes, seemed to relax a bit.

Belly Breathing
This was key.
The whole abdomen is so held and tight that to relax it and allow it to move was totally foreign.

His homework is to play with these things and we will go from there.

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