Sunday, April 20, 2008

Soft Vinyasa, Saturday 9am

over Packed Class.
We had 28 peeps stuffed in Lulu Bandha's and some people didn't even try to fit in but left.

I can guarantee that next week will be light. The crowded class always scares people away and the numbers drop off.

To add to the buzz, a photographer, Ric, form the VC Reporter came to photograph for a piece they are doing about my being in Yoga Journal. He was super nice and I hope he had fun.

It felt chaotic, so the strategy seemed to be to drag out the beginning and meet and see everyone before we started to do anything too crazy.

Baddha Konasnana
Rub arches and bottoms of feet.
Side Saddle Shape
Thumb up outer channels of the legs. Switch Sides and repeat other side.

Baddha Konasnana
Thumb up inside lines of legs
Yin Baddha Konasnan

Reverse Chest Press
Cowboy Negotiation pose

Wide leg Uttanasana

Uddiayana Bandha Play

Chest Pounding
Arm Extension prana Exercise
Breath Awareness

1/4 Suns
Sequence 1
Sun to
Twisting Lunge
Hammock Pose
Horse with Eagle Arms
Warrior 2 Dance
Low Lunge

Vinaysa 1
Rounded Plank
Rounded Plank
Rocket Cat

Transition 1
Knee to Forehead Abdominals
Standing Splits
Pada Hastasana

Complete Sun to Standing

Repeat Sequence1
Repeat Vinyasya 1
Repeat Transition 1 with Supine Bakasana Play

Prana at Tailbone Awareness

Sun to Dog
Childs Pose

Mayurasana Prep
Mayurasna play

Bow Pose x 2
Rocket Cat

Slumpy Swami
Revolving Head to Knee
Forward Fold of Choice



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