Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Help of Ojai, Wednesday 1:30

15 peeps

Alana, Uschi, Allison assisting.
I am so lucky to have 3 people helping me hold the space. This class would be so hard to teach without them. I arrived without a plan. And was feeling off and worried about various things. I prayed and this is what happened.

Hip Rotation Awareness
Easy Hip Stretch

Focused Action: Supine Utthita Tadasana with Internal Hip Rotation meeting Tailbone drawing towards heals

Fetal Position

Transition to Standing

Repeat Focused Action Standing
Block Between Thighs, working on the relationship between hollow groins and tailbone descending. I am not sure it was totally clear immediately.

Breath Awareness towards Ujjayi.
1/4 Sun Salutations.

Down Dog on Chairs with Internal Thigh Rotation
Forward Fold on Chair.

Everyone seemed to get this here. The down dogs looked SO GOOD. Way better than last week. We did this several times, resting in supported uttansana on chairs.

Cat/Cow on Chair.
We did this for about 10 rounds to really get the "juice" moving.
Then focused on drawing the prana up the spine using the breath.
Everyone got it.
Very cool.
And when this group "gets it" their eyes light up with amazement and genuine WOW.

Transition to Floor

Windshield Wiper
Bridge Pose 2x
Second time with block under sacrum


Knees to Chest
Happy Baby Pose


Sit with tailbone to heart awareness

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