Monday, April 14, 2008

Stiff White Guys, Sunday 10:00

This was such a hard class to teach.

The energy of the peeps was really divergent. The injuries were wide and diverse.
Strong athletes, a man with no cartilage in his wrist, a woman with a gnarly back, knee and hip and wrist injury, a pregnant woman, etc. 3 brand new peepp. 10 total.

There was a bike race in town and all the traffic was rerouted past the studio. Many harleys. Lots of noise,

It's Monday Night, and I am not sure exactly what I taught.
But I avoided Down Dog cuz of the wrist stuff and focused on standing postures.
We did lots of shoulder opening cuz one woman mentioned that she had tight shoulders.
We geeked out on creating space in the pelvis. We used the block. We focused on the standng postures of Parsvottansna and Warrior 3. We did bridge pose. We twisted. I felt a little lost the whole time.

It was one of those classes that you never quite drop into and relax. You are hearing the guidance and following it, but there is a thread of uncertainty.

At the end, of course, it was "the perfect class" for everyone. But I was totally spent. I had given all I could and poof, there was nothing left.

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