Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abhyasa: Rooting the Tailbone to Blossom the Heart

Today I practiced and filmed finding cues to explore the relationship between the tailbone and the heart.

The sequence was something like this:

Heart Opener over a Brick
Pelvis Rocking
Breathing into Belly
The Shimmy

Sukhasana Forward Fold and Chest Pressing

Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Childs Pose

Sequence 1
Crescent Moon
Hamstring Play
Childs Pose

Repeat Sequence 1

Sphinx Play
Cobra Play
Ustrasana Play

Childs Pose
Seated Vajrasana

Transition to Half Lord of the Fishes
Cow Face
(Repeat Other Side)

Seated Meditation


oceanyogi said...

hey Kira,

I was wondering about the 'shimmy.' Does it come up in any of your youtube postings or is it explained somewhere else in your teaching blog? I am feeling curious about the shimmy practice.

Thanks for your time. Take care, Kate (:

Kira Ryder said...

i just made a video of it on sunday and will let you know when it's live.

it's sooo much fun.


oceanyogi said...

thanks Kira. I'm excited to for the video. Just checking out all the new ones you've posted in the last month. I haven't had the chance to watch any until now. I am enjoying the 'rooted opening' series right now. You are so generous with your insights and understanding. This is something I deeply admire in Erich Schiffmann too. Thanks again. Kate xo