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Uma and Amit Goswami at Krotona: April 23

These are a collection of notes from the Goswami's Course at Krotona, "Nurturing the Soul. We gather from 10 to 12:30 from Tuesday through Friday. Amit speaks first, then Uma.


"What are the questions and problems of Mind and How do we solve them?"
"When things happen, they happen very quickly"

"Consciousness contains 4 components of possibilities With Quantum Collapse, the possibilities manifest as the material body, the vital body, the mind and the supra mental intellect."

"How can we be so careless about our own experience that we 'give in' to the materialist belief."

"Meaning is something that cannot be computed...and there is mathematical proof."

"No digital representation of feeling."

[self note: what about a beautiful piece of music or art that creates feeling? is this measured differently?]

Today's Problems:
"We need to value our Archetypes."
"Quantum helps by eliminating argument of dualism."

Chinese Medicine Example:
Two types of complementary chi: yin and yang
the shadow and the light

complimentary is different than dualistic
complimentary is 2 different aspects of the same thing. dualistic is two different things.

Who is the we that makes the choice?
"We" arises simultaneously with the object we perceive from the Tangled Hierarchy of Quantum Measurement.
"We have identified with the brain"...and "I am separate from you."

yang is movement
yin is stability

[note: this was a new place for me. i had never thought of yin as stable before in comparison to yang as movement. in thinking about the bones vs the blood, this was a very useful understanding to me]

David Boehm the physicist:
he was looking for/giving an example of the uncertainty principle and discovered an example in thought.
the maximum difficult of the "straitjacket of the materialist" is whether or not the world is deterministic.
Can we determine the world based on measurements?
They wish yes cuz control and predictability are so nice.
"But complete prediction becomes so boring."
DB "We can never measure momentum and location with complete accuracy."

"Classical physics is creativity in the world."
"In Quantum world there is uncertainty"

DB: "We can never measure the content and direction of thought. "
In free association, you have no memory of content just the direction. In concentration meditation techniques, you stick to the content and allow for no direction.

"Intuition is the quality that is the most rarefied." So have to be careful about talking about it. Cannot do it on command, like thinking or feeling.

Can you see content and direction from a higher perspective of consciousness? As consciousness expands, can you see these things simultaneously?
Amit: When You become Whole with Consciousness then there is no separation. Everything is known.

"everything known in possibility."

So "evolution" is only a possibility?

eternity is not infinity.
in eternity, nothing happens, permanent, the Godhead
infinity is a long time from now, extent of time

Aurobindo was the first mystic to focus on evolution.
The Soul is the highest ideal.

[eric: is there a natural selection of possibilities?]

"What is this reality? At once nothing happens and something changes." Krishnamurti

Both Stationary and in Movement.
"it moves, it moves not"

Amit says that it was a mistake of the mystics to not recognize evolution earlier.

"Ideas of Evolution" Come slow to us.
"Transformation is fundamental."
"Evolution is a species level."
we are moving towards "godliness on earth."

Why is it so hard to make progress?
Our negative emotional Brain Circuits

Amit showed a slide detailing the "blueprint" of how we get mental and physical representations from collapse.

"How Biological Functions Come Down From Heaven"
"Why do Chakras Work?"

What are chakras? and Why do we feel feelings here specially?
Chakras are the places Quantum Collapse the blueprint.
It is not the physical organ that creates the feeling.
The feeling is a feeling of vital movement.
A change in the vital energy.

Heart and Thymus Gland
Thymus Gland governs the immune system and the Heart is the most important to us relative to the spiritual.

Thymus: distinguishes me from not me.
"This cell is not me, so eliminate it"
"When we cannot do that, we get cancer."

"Romantic Love is a possessive idea...You are mine...This is part of the drive of physical union and sexual desire. The desire to merge comes from the heart chakra and feels like love....we feel 'expanded consciousness' in heart chakra..."
"The mind as meaning giver interprets the feeling."

Amit nodded to the 'emotional body' that was recognized early on by the T.S. as the place where the mind givens meaning to vital feelings.

When the person we are in love with steps out, we feel jealousy because of the possessiveness.

The idea of marriage/monogamy to prevent sex without love.

Nelda asked the question of how we achieve a balance?
How do we maintain a strong and healthy thymus gland while including other people in our hearts?
She also made the point of many mystics dying of cancer. Was it a loss of the distinction of me?

"Mother is the only one who has conquered the barrier of locality."

Maria pointed out that people with heart disease suffer from hostility, cynicism and the inability to share emotions. And that they do really well with group sharing, realizing and breathing techniques.

Lower Chakras
Amit gets a little old skool when talking about the lower chakras.
"These lower chakras are brain centers of negative emotions."

"We are in a rational age of the rational mind."

"If we are producing separateness, it is not good for us."
"Evolution is trying to take us towards unity."
"Rational mind allows us to justify everything."
"Feeling and intuition and not rational"

"We are making better and better representations of the subtle."
"Mind is a barrier to giving meaning to feelings and intuition."

"How do we overcome this?"
"How can meaning and feelings be included?:
"We don;t have to do what we are doing."

"During Regan's presidency, Women became corrupted"
Women's values were negated, women were 'empowered' and they became 'rational'

"We need the women to lead us out of this."
"Anima integration"
"There I have made my pitch."



In any teaching of yoga m there are 3 processes:
1. Shravana
Listen to the teachings with entire being. Absorb it. Be open minded. Non-judgemental. Learning depends on both teacher and student being in a harmonious field.

2. Manana
Reflect on it. Use the mind to reflect.

3. Nidhidhyana
Only then will the fruits of the learning be born.

She said the BHAVAN mantra

"We all make sacrifices to be here"
"We have to collectively create the energy to allow the teachings to flow."

"Shiva is the cosmic force of transformation...the one who is fearless, all auspicious, sacred and who will help us dissolve the negative emotions."

NA - Earth
Ma - Water
Shi - Fire
VA - Air
YA - Ether

"The Lord fo the 5 Cosmic elements"
"Mudras help harmonize the elements"

"Human effort has to be accompanied by divine grace.

Transform awareness to reconnect.

Pranas Myth
Told Narada Story of claiming to be the greatest devotee of Maha Vishnu and Maha Vishnu showing him the farmer. Narada asked to carry the pail of oil around the world without spilling one drop during which he never thought of Mahu Vishnu once while the hard working farmer is able to pray 6x a day.

"We become proud of our spiritual sadahana.. Our ego does this."

"The best sadhana is to constantly be aware of the divine undercurrent that is animating all your activities."

Can we become aware of this animating power?

Be aware of the unmanifest in the manifest.

Mandyuka Upanishad

A: pain of separating in the waking state.
Viswa (individual ego) is connected to Urat (virat?)
we are part of the whole nature
told the RK whip mark story.
Bhakti yoga is intimacy with God. Talk to God all the time.
RK to Vivekanadna: make every effort directed to the divine.
Nature can heal you.
Pay attention to the the peaceful ease in which the cows graze the grass.

Lord Laughs 2 times
- when the doctor says he has healed you and when people are fighting over property.
"never feel alone"
"everything in nature is a live"
"the divine is in everything"

in waking state, there is an observer, observed and observation

taijasa, the individual ego connects to hiranya sardha, the cosmic womb
dreaming state
psychological state
what is dreaming?
object of dream
process of dream

What is difference between dreaming and waking state?
There is no external stimuli in dreaming.

Memories are the stimulus of dreams, regurgitation.
Dream is better than waking.
More refinement.
We have access to memories of the collective in dreams.
We are connected to universal connected mind.

How does this help us psychologically?
"dump your problems into universal mind."
if most of time in tune with nature, not so much suffering.
if connected to collective mind, not so much suffering.

deep sleep
ego is quiet
our suffering is the lease
"even physical pain disappears in deep sleep"
"everybody is equalized in deep sleep"

wake up and the same problems appear.
grace works
"never underestimate the power of prayer and grace"

story of Uma heading to temple of Shiva in Rishikesh as a teenager.

if you surrender to God, it is easiest.

"Who Am I" traces the ego to its end.
"Root of I"

Indian Wedding and Guest Story.

Do not get involved in the content of the mind, observe the source of thought.
Be vigilant.
Ego merges back to the source.
Challenge it.
Trace it.
"I am not this"
"I am awareness, intelligence and bliss"

Food prepared with LOVE touches your heart.

yoga = union
viyoga = disconnection
upayoga = practice of yoga in daily life

"to discover that blissful aspect and once we discover it, we have to transfer it."
"if u r not juicy, nothing flows"
"as long as suffering exists in us, it exists outside us."

"macrocosm is reflection of microcosm"

Then she "came to today's topic, Raga Yoga"

She began to go through the Yamas and I had to go.

Ahimsa, not just non-cruelty, but active kindness
Satya, there is an inner truth in each of us. what is the truth about yourself. contact it. manifest it.

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