Saturday, April 25, 2009

SWG Saturday 10:45am

16 Peeps
1 Drop In

Blending the cues we have been doing with a few new ones that I have been playing with this week in the Help of Ojai Class and up at Krotona. Focus on the low back, sacrum and pelvis. Wide Range of peeps.

Heart Opener over Brick

Pelvis Rocking
The Shimmy

Hamstring Stretching with a Strap

Transition to a Seat

Widening the Base. See the Yoga Video.
Simultaneous Opposites. See the Yoga Video.
Tuning Navel and Sacrum. See the Yoga Video.

Transition to Standing
Forward Fold
Roll to Standing

Tadasana Bound with Shoulder Opening. See the Yoga Video.


2 Rounds Easy Lunge Salutes incorporating the alignment information.

After Second Round, transition to Childs Pose

Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Chidls Pose

Transition to Belly

Sphinx with Navel to Heart Awareness
Rest, windsheild Wiper

Cobra with Navel to Heart Awareness
Rest, Windshield Wiper

Transition onto Backs
Knees to Chest

Bridge Pose x 2

Eye of the Needle Both Sides
Windshield Wiper


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