Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Vinyasa Monday 8:30am

10 Peeps
1 Drop In

Intimate group. Continued the geeky technical play of tailbone to heart to neck. This is making it's way towards alignment for sitting.

Opening of Heart over 2 Bricks
Pelvis Rocking
Breath into Belly
The Shimmy

Rock up to Sitting

Sukhasana with Tailbone and Pelvis Awareness to Forward Fold
Chest Press
(Change Legs and Repeat)

Roll onto All Fours

Easy Side Plank Both Sides
Childs Pose


Sequence 1
from Dog
Lunge to Crescent Moon (geeky)
Hamstring Stretching

Repeat Sequence 1

Sphinx with Rounding and Traction Play
Rest. Windshield Wiper.
Cobra with Rounding and Traction Play
Rest. Windshield Wiper.

Cobra Locust Vinyasa Demo

Cobra Locust Vinyasa

Childs Pose
Roll up to Standing

Tadasana with Alignment Play and Shoulder Opening x 2

Standing Sirsasana
Transition to Kneeling

Headstand Prep
Headstand Play with Tailbone and Heart Awareness
Rest in Childs
Vajrasana sit
(there was only 10 minutes left here! i have no idea how class went by so quickly.)

So all we had time for was to get supine, do a spinal twist and find savasana

(ideally we would have sat a lot longer in vajrasana and then maybe moved to a seated spinal twist and hip opener or a bridge pose... oh well).

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